Christmas Tea with Kassie

Join us for a delightful evening of tasteful Christmas treats and Special acoustic performance by the amazing award-winning recording artist Kassie Tyers.

TICKETS: $15 adults / $8 child (under 12)
PURCHASE IN PERSON: At any of New Life services

This event is a fundraiser event for New Life worship (to raise funds for needed upgrades for our sound system)

Kassie Tyers is a singer-songwriter from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada whose pure voice and honest lyrics form an instant connection with her audiences.

A performer since her first solo at a school concert in Grade 5, Kassie Tyers has connected with audiences from coast to coast across Canada, into the U.S. and internationally in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Her New Year’s Eve performance in Cuba had the audience spellbound.

Kassie Tyers is a five-time nominee at the Canadian Music Covenant Awards. This Canadian singer-songwriter from Sudbury, Ontario has been recognized for:

Folk Album Of the Year “Kassie Tyers”, 2009
Folk Song Of The Year “Growing Up” from the self-titled album “Kassie Tyers”, 2009
Children’s Song of the Year “Hush” from the album “Sing You To Sleep”, 2011
Children’s Song Of The Year “Blue Socks” from the album “Blue Socks”, 2013
Inspirational Song of the Year “Measure My Love” from the album “Blue Socks”, 2014
Best Vocal Performance of the Year “Nothing Better Than Love” 2017
“Music just flows through me. It comes naturally and I am very grateful.”

Kassie Tyers is a singer-songwriter with a mission. Her songs tell stories of life, love, connection and the human need to belong. She sings from the heart with messages of hope and inner peace. This is music that touches the heart.